Monday, February 4, 2013

Power of a Folding Art

( Origami Yoda)

From every crease and every fold to different angles and different shapes, this certain type of art has caused a satisfied outcome of creativity but an unsatisfied amount of crave. Origami, a form of art that has been around for three centuries, has not ceased to catch the attention of people around the world. There are different types of origami figures such as cranes, bulls, pigs, penguins, animals in general, 3-D shapes, people and etc... Now when you think about the complexity of these figures, that's when the time factor starts to set in. The amount of time people spend on the pieces is ridiculous ,matter of fact, considering the different figures, the amount of time spent creating origami could range from several hours to months but  the eventual outcome is worth it. In conclusion, I've learned that you can make anything from a sheet of paper and that there's no limit, unless you stop using your creative imagination!